Cocoon App

Tinder for Jobs. We help you find the job you will love based on a cultural fit.
We are on a mission to get everyone the job they will love so they can reach their full potential.
Hiring the best people is a key success factor for all companies. Cultural fit is the most important aspect for a successful match between a company and a new hire.
A lack of cultural fit leads to a mismatch in 20% of all hires. Every one of them costs the company between €30K and €60K. The market opportunity in The Netherlands alone is to save 5BN in hiring costs per year, while also hiring better people.
Cocoon is designed to show if there is a fit early in the process.

  • We determine a candidate’s personality and a company’s culture with a quick test.
  • These results are combined with skills and job’s requirements. Our algorithms do the magic and present the best matching cards in a Tinder like UI.
  • We lower the barrier for job-seekers to connect with their future employer.
  • A simple swipe and chat can lead to a coffee meeting next morning.